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I'm a data journalist looking to entertain, inform and inspire as so many of my influences have done for me.

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My Story

I grew up in the rural lands of East Hants, Nova Scotia before moving to Halifax when I started my undergraduate degree. During those 5 years, I went from an aspiring astrophysicist on academic dismissal, to an aspiring journalist who made the dean's list in his final term. Never give up.

At Dalhousie University I majored in economics & political science and minored in philosophy. Unfortunately, having a C- grade in calculus and statistics was not sufficient to enter into an economics master's program where I'm from so I needed a change of career plans from economic development.

Because of my long history of producing online content, I decided to do a one-year bachelor of journalism at the University of Kings College. I learned the ropes and constructed a starting portfolio before interning at CityNews Halifax.


Looking forward to hearing from you.

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