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Today's Commodity Prices

Despite what some say, it is not interest rates or government spending but globally traded commodities which are the primary source of todays inflation. Keep a close eye on them.


The global stock market saw countless rises and dips over the past year, which shows general economic uncertainty. Overall, stocks are at about the same level as a year ago.


Of all the commodities, crude oil is still the most important in 2023. Its price has fallen dramatically since the 2022 spike.


One of the most important commodities of the future, given their use in batteries, the price of Lithium skyrocketed and stagnated over the past year with a net increase of 100%.


The cryptocurrency market is in crisis as the price of Bitcoin has lost almost 3/4 of its value since its peak in October of 2021.

World Economy

Perhaps the most important economic indicator of all, the world's economy grew by over 10% in 2021 after the down year of 2020.

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