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As economic pessimism lingers, the Canadian stock market is up, but only slightly over the past year. The top American stocks are doing much better.


Global commodity prices stabilized almost a year ago, which is why inflation has been on the way down since 2022. Only time will tell us when the target of 2% will be met.


After a devastating spike from the COVID pandemic of 2020, unemployment is down to a decent level, which is one of the biggest strengths of the Canadian economy.

Interest Rate

Inflation has dropped, but not quickly enough for the Bank of Canada. If they raise the interest rate higher, the consumption-driven Canadian economy will be more at risk for recession.

Economic Growth

There is no recession as long as there are not two consecutive quarters of negative growth. This is good news, considering that hasn't happened yet despite the latest quarter of -0.3%.

Wage Growth

Wage growth is one of the countries larger strengths: Canada’s wages are consistently growing at a moderate pace. Although they have dipped at some points.


Growth in Canada’s productivity is negative over the past decade. Yikes.

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