Joe Biden is the most unpopular president in 80 years

Updated: Jun 27

Joe Biden officially has the worst president's net approval rating after 500 days.

FiveThirtyEight tracks every president's daily net approval since World War 2. The last two presidents have had the two worst approval ratings after 500 days. But as of the 505th day of his presidency, Joe Biden takes the trophy for lowest approval ever.

The January 6 hearings in congress may lead many to think that Trump's approval right now must be lower than Biden's, but that isn't the case. FiveThirtyEight also tracks Trump's current net approval, which stands at... -11.

Donald Trump's final net approval rating while in office was -19. Suggesting that some conservatives may have jumped ship from team Trump after January 6, but they've now forgiven him for that.

Given that both Trump and Biden, on day 505 of the presidency, have the two worst net approvals on record, it may seem difficult to imagine a president the entire country can unite around.

Perhaps it is a sign of uniquely polarized times driven by echo chambers. Because the reality is that the reason Trump's approval is slightly higher than Biden's is that Trump has the almost unanimous approval of the Republican base. In contrast, only 79% of Democrats currently approve of President Biden.

The most popular presidents on day 505 are as follows:

Kennedy: +58

W. Bush: +56

Johnson: +48

H. W. Bush: +45

Eisenhower: +39

Nixon: +30

Clinton: +11

Obama: +3

Reagan: +1

Carter +0

Truman: -2

Ford: -6

Trump: -11

Biden: - 13