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Taylor Swift’s exes Google trends reveal a shocking pattern

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Even for her most famous partners, their biggest-ever spike in searches is all due to Taylor Swift.

Last week, musical artists Taylor Swift and Matt Healy of the band "1975" announced their breakup.

The supposed singer-songwriter duo only lasted a matter of weeks, and yet Matt Healy's Google Searches spiked to a level he had never seen before.

Most in the general public wouldn't be surprised at the statistic given their differences in fame. Swift's previous relationship with actor Joe Alwyn would also fall into that category.

However, nearly every single one of Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriends also received their largest spike in Google Search history, if not for their breakup, then also entirely due to Taylor Swift.

In the case of her first public relationship with the famed Jonas Brothers singer Joe Jonas, he received the biggest Google Search spike to this day, even though Taylor Swift's career was just beginning.

Next came the few-month fling with Twilight star Taylor Lautner. Despite the endless attractive werewolf memes, his largest spike in Google Searches came right as he and Swift split.

The commercially successful millennial guitarist and singer John Mayer was next. He hasn't yet garnered the Google Search traffic that the pair's breakup gave him.

Her next lover was the actor who played one of the cowboys in Brokeback Mountain and almost got the role of Spider-Man in the 2000s, Jake Gyllenhaal. His biggest spike in Google Search results came when Taylor Swift recently released the 10-minute version of her hit "All Too Well" which detailed their romance.

Being a famous actor such as Gyllenhaal or Lautner is one thing. However, the star power that her next spouse had was in a league of their own. Harry Styles became one of the most famous singers in the world during the early 2010s when he and his X-Factor performers formed the boy band "One Direction."

But despite all of his success with One Direction and his solo music career, the brief relationship with Swift gave him his biggest spike in Google searches.

Swift then formed a relatively long relationship with the big-time hit-producing DJ Calvin Harris. Yet again, their relationship and breakup gave Harris the largest amount of Google Searches his career has ever seen.

Joe Alwyn was Swift's longest relationship, but before it began, she had one during the summer of 2016 with the actor who would become Loki in the Marvel Universe, Tom Hiddleston.

Despite playing a pivotal role in the most prominent film franchise ever, Hiddleston's most concentrated Google Searches came when he and Swift broke up.

The combination of data proves that even in the early days of her career, Taylor Swift had a concentration of attention and levels of fandom that were nearly unparalleled by any other media figure. And it has only grown with each passing year.

Those spikes in Google Search results equate to remarkable amounts of free press, which is quite valuable. It is an odd incentive structure that only bolsters the argument that some of Swift's "relationships" may have been a facade in front of platonic yet career-driven agreements, especially the ones that lasted just a few months.


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