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The newest arenas & stadiums in 2023

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Whether it be San Diego, Athens, or St Louis, several big cities now have brand new sports venues for their inhabitants to enjoy.

Over the past year several large arenas and stadiums have been completed in some large world cities. Here are some of new venues that many sports teams will now call home.

35,000 seats - Snapdragon Stadium - San Diego, USA

The Snapdragon Stadium is the future home of a soccer team, but for now, it will serve as the home for NCAA football. The surface parking lots surrounding the stadium are disappointing. And while there's no roof, it doesn't rain or snow much in San Diego anyway.

32,500 seats - Agia Sophia Stadium - Athens, Greece

One of the world's most classic cities, Athens, just constructed a new soccer stadium to house AEK Athens. The architecture fits in well with the buildings in the city that are thousands of years old.

30,000 seats - Geodis Park - Nashville, USA

The Nashville soccer team has a new home less than 5 miles from downtown. The project is just one example of the superior growth of Nashville over the other big city in the state - Memphis.

22,500 seats - Citypark - St. Louis, USA

The St. Louis soccer team's new stadium is as downtown as possible. That is remarkable for any football/soccer stadium in the United States. While it is smaller than the one in Nashville, it was more expensive at $450 million. Location is the most important element in the economics of a building.

12,000 seats - Swiss Life Arena - Zurich, Switzerland

The largest city in Switzerland has a brand-new indoor arena that will host many events and concerts for years. Their hockey team, the Lions, will enjoy the giant scoreboard. Like almost everywhere in Switzerland, this building is easily accessible with public transit.

11,000 seats - Acrisure Arena - Palm Desert, USA

This is the home for the new Seattle Kraken hockey team affiliate. Why did they build it in the middle of nowhere, which requires a long car commute? Money. But that short-run thinking won't be good for the long-term attendance of the Coachella Valley Firebirds.

10,000 seats - Tbilisi Arena - Tbilisi, Georgia

The capital city of Georgia now has a new arena which was first used to host a basketball tournament. The brand new venue will ensure that many artists stop in the big Georgian city if they are touring through Europe.

9,500 seats - Enmarket Arena - Savannah, USA

The second largest city in Georgia, with about 400,000 people, now has a new venue that will bring many new concerts. A round of applause for an arena that allows some natural sunlight to cover part of the lighting needs.


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